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8/17/2015:  Professor Kathryn Burns spent last academic year, 2014-15, as an NEH Long-Term Fellow at the John Carter Brown Library to do research on a new book project, “Relations of Resgate.” And the JCB director asked her to do one of the ten-minute, no-notes “JCBx talks” he set up for the former fellows’ reunion on May 2, 2015.

“Scholars Speak Out on Moral Mondays Forum”


09/18/2013: Jacquelyn Hall (UNC-CH) and and Nancy MacLean (Duke) gave historical perspective at this forum.

“North Carolina’s Religion”

04/04/2013: Bill Ferris shares his perspective on Republican NC state legislators’ proposal for an official state religion in a measure that would declare the state exempt from the Constitution and court rulings.

“Good to Great at Carolina”


11/2/2012: Watch Good to Great at Carolina with James Moeser and Jacquelyn Dowd Hall. Professor Hall tells the story of the creation of the SOHP, its role as a part of the History Department and now CSAS, and about her vision for the future. Chancellor Moeser is doing the “Good to Great” videos for use by the schools and departments featured, and there is much here about the History Department.

“The Durrs of Montgomery”


06/13/2012: Watch The Durrs of Montgomery, produced by Alabama Public Television and featuring commentary by noted scholars including Jacquelyn Dowd Hall and Laura Edwards (PhD 1991).

“Cartoons adorn walls at Chapel Hill bar”

06/05/2012: Watch Ken Zogry (PhD 2008) discuss the history of the Daily Tar Heel cartoons on the walls of the bar at the Carolina Inn on WRAL’s Tarheel Traveler.

“What Are the Legacies of the Civil Rights Movement?”

04/05/2012: Watch Jacquelyn Dowd Hall’s video in the Gilder Lehrman Institute’s “Essential Questions in American History” series.

“Professors with Passion: Joseph Glatthaar”

02/28/2012: Watch ”Professors with Passion: Joseph Glatthaar” on YouTube.

“NC Bookwatch: Lloyd S. Kramer”

12/09/2011: Lloyd Kramer, History Department Chair, appeared on D. G. Martin’s Bookwatch on UNC-TV. Professor Kramer discussed his most recent book, Nationalism in Europe and America: Politics, Cultures, and Identities since 1775 (UNC Press).

 State of Shame: ‘There was no justice’ 

11/7/2011: Johanna Schoen (PhD 1996), was recently interviewed by NBC News about her work chronicling North Carolina’s controversial eugenics program from the 1920s to the 1970s. Watch as she describes her archival findings and the way she used her historical research to shape public policy and make a difference in the lives of the program’s victims.

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