Science and Technology History Internship with UNC Center for Competitive Economics

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The UNC Center for Competitive Economics seeks a UNC history graduate student to conduct research into examples of scientific research and technological innovation conducted within North Carolina over the past several centuries. The Research Associate would work with Center Director Brent Lane to identify and describe historical examples of scientific and technological achievements through time and space across North Carolina. The deliverable for the research would be 3 to 5 page briefs on a variety of historical figures (Rachel Carson – marine science, Carl A. Schenck – forestry science, Elliott Gilbert – naval architecture, Joachim Gans – metallurgy, David Marshall Williams – weaponry, Thomas Harriot – biopharmaceuticals, Elisha Mitchell – geology,  John White – cartography, Wilbur Wright – aeronautics, etc.) whose scientific research  and technological achievements could serve as curricula development templates for experiential Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education.

Contact: Brent Lane (

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