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Robert C. Allen


312 Greenlaw │ 919.962.5165 │ rallen@email.unc.edu

Primary appointment in American Studies

karen_auerbach-profile1Karen Auerbach

Assistant Professor and Stuart E. Eizenstat Fellow
Modern Jewish History
• East European Jewish History
• Polish History

412 Hamilton Hall │ kauerbach@unc.edu

Cemil Aydin

Associate Professor
Global Intellectual History of Muslim Societies
• Histories of the Ottoman Empire and the
Japanese Empire
• Non-Eurocentric International History

424 Hamilton Hall │ caydin@email.unc.edu

William L. Barney


462 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.5584 │ wbarney@email.unc.edu


W. Fitzhugh Brundage

William Umstead Distinguished Professor; Department Chair

560 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.9824 │ brundage@email.unc.edu


Chad Bryant

Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies
• Modern East-Central Europe
• Urban History
• Nationalism 

468 Hamilton Hall │ bryantc@email.unc.edu

Marcus Bull

Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Professor of Medieval and Early Modern Studies; Director, Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies

471 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.5544 │ mgbull@email.unc.edu

Melissa M. Bullard

Italian Renaissance and Early Modern Europe
• Economic and Cultural History
• Atlantic World

458 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.5585 │ mbullard@email.unc.edu

Burns CropKathryn J. Burns

Colonial Latin American History
• Andean and Iberian Atlantic History
• History of Women and Gender

465 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.6618 │ kjburns@email.unc.edu

cassen 2014Flora Cassen

Assistant Professor; JMA and Sonja Van der Horst Fellow in Jewish History and Culture
Early Modern Europe
• Renaissance
• Jewish History

469 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.5437 │ fcassen@email.unc.edu

John C. Chasteen

Nineteenth-Century Latin America
• Global History of Alcohol and Drugs
• Writing and Translation in the Historian’s Craft

514 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.5433  │ chasteen@email.unc.edu

Peter A. Coclanis

Albert Ray Newsome Distinguished Professor; Director, Global Research Institute
U.S. Economic History
• Southeast Asian Economic History

International Economic History

419 Hamilton Hall │ coclanis@unc.edu

Kathleen DuVal

• Early North America
• Native America
• Women’s and Gender History

466 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.5545 │ duval@email.unc.edu

William R. Ferris

Joel R. Williamson Eminent Professor of History; Senior Associate Director, Center for the Study of the American South; Adjunct Professor in the Curriculum in Folklore
Southern Music
• Southern Literature and Folklore

Love House and Hutchins Forum │ 410 East Franklin Street │ 919.962.0519 │ wferris@unc.edu

Emma Jane Flatt

Assistant Professor
Medieval and Early Modern South Asia    
• Gender and Cultural History

418 Hamilton Hall │ eflatt@email.unc.edu


W. Miles Fletcher

Modern Japanese History
• Business and Economic History

453 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.5577 │ wmfletch@email.unc.edu

Joseph T. Glatthaar

Stephenson Distinguished Professor; Adjunct Professor of the Curriculum in Peace, War and Defense
American Civil War
• U.S. Military History

504 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.3974 │ jtg@email.unc.edu

HagemannKaren Hagemann

James G. Kenan Distinguished Professor; Adjunct Professor of the Curriculum in Peace, War and Defense
Modern German and European History
• Women’s and Gender History
• History of Military and War

566 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.3960 │ hagemann@unc.edu

Reginald F. Hildebrand

Associate Professor with Joint Appointment in African & Afro-American Studies

410-H Alumni Hall │ 919.962.3537 │ hildebra@email.unc.edu


Jerma A. Jackson

Associate Professor

512 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.8084 │ jaj@email.unc.edu

Konrad-2-755Konrad H. Jarausch

Lurcy Professor of European Civilization
Modern Germany
• Modern Europe

502 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.8083 │ jarausch@email.unc.edu


John Kasson, History, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel.John F. Kasson

Professor of History and American Studies
United States Cultural History

473 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.5004 │ jfkasson@email.unc.edu


Michelle King

Associate Professor
Late Imperial and Modern China
• Women’s and Gender History

475 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.5043 │ mtking@email.unc.edu

Lloyd S. Kramer

Professor; Faculty Director of UNC’s Program in the Humanities and Human Values
Intellectual History
• Atlantic History
• Nationalism

455 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.5553 │ lkramer@unc.edu

Miguel La Serna

Assistant Professor
• 20th-Century Latin America
• Revolutions and Insurgencies
• Andean History

414 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.3970 │ laserna@email.unc.edu


klauslarres_022-202x145Klaus W. Larres

Richard M. Krasno Distinguished Professor; Adjunct Professor of the Curriculum in Peace, War and Defense
Transatlantic Relations and European
Integration, 20th and 21st Centuries

• The Cold War
• U.S., British, German, French Foreign Policies

416 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.8079 │ k.larres@unc.edu

Lecture shotaWayne E. Lee

Dowd Distinguished Term Professor; Chair, Curriculum in Peace, War and Defense
World Military History
• Early Modern North America and British Isles

400 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.3973 │ wlee(at)unc.edu


James L. Leloudis

Professor; Associate Dean for Honors; Director of the James M. Johnston Center for Undergraduate Excellence
• Civil Rights
• U.S. South Since 1865

518 Hamilton Hall │ 919.843.7754 │ leloudis@email.unc.edu

Lisa A. Lindsay

Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies
• African Diaspora

521 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.2178 │ lalindsa@email.unc.edu

LoweryphotoMalinda Maynor Lowery

Associate Professor; Director, Southern Oral History Program
Native American History
• Oral History
• Southern History

474 Hamilton Hall │ mmaynor@email.unc.edu

220px-De_Merian_Sueviae_124 teeryTerence V. McIntosh

Associate Professor
Late Medieval, Reformation, and Early Modern Germany
• War and Society in Early Modern Europe

472 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.3969 │ terence_mcintosh@unc.edu

McNeilGenna Rae McNeil


415 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.8082 │ mcneilgr@email.unc.edu

Louise McReynolds

Professor; Associate Department Chair
Medieval and Imperial Russia
Cultural Studies

421 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.3968 │ louisem@email.unc.edu

Michael Cotey Morgan

Assistant Professor
International History
• History of Human Rights

407 Hamilton Hall │ 919.843.4309 │ morgan@unc.edu

Fred Naiden

Professor; Adjunct Professor of the Curriculum in Peace, War and Defense
Ancient History, Greek
• Ancient Religion and Warfare

417 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.3971 │ naiden@email.unc.edu

Susan Dabney Pennybacker

Chalmers W. Poston Distinguished Professor of European History
• Modern Britain and Former British Empire
• Transnational Political Culture

507 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.2925 │ pennybac@email.unc.edu

Louis A. Pérez, Jr.

J. Carlyle Sitterson Professor
• Cuba

550 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.3943 │ perez@email.unc.edu

Cynthia Radding

Gussenhoven Distinguished Professor of Latin American Studies; Professor of History
Colonial Latin America
• Environmental History

513 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.5057 │ radding@email.unc.edu

Donald J. Raleigh

Jay Richard Judson Distinguished Professor
Late Imperial Russia
• Soviet Russia
• Middle Eastern Europe

511 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.8077 │ djr@email.unc.edu

Donald M. Reid

Modern European History
• Labor History

554 Hamilton Hall │ dreid1@email.unc.edu

Iqbal Singh Sevea

Assistant Professor
• Modern South Asia
• Modern Islamic Thought

413 Hamilton Hall │ isevea@email.unc.edu

_MG_0578Daniel J. Sherman

Lineberger Distinguished Professor of Art and History
(Joint appointment with Art History)
• Modern French and European Cultural History
• Memory Studies
• Museum Studies

Hanes Art Center 109│dsherman@email.unc.edu

Sarah D. Shields

Bowman and Gordon Gray Distinguished Term Professor

467 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.8078 │ sshields@email.unc.edu

Jay-Smith-11Jay M. Smith

Old Regime France
• Political Culture
• Aristocratic Identity

564 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.3949 │ jaysmith@email.unc.edu

John W. Sweet

Associate Professor
 Early America
• History of Sexuality
• Slavery and Slaving in the Atlantic World

520 Hamilton Hall │ sweet@unc.edu

Talbert2014picRichard J. A. Talbert

William Rand Kenan, Jr. Professor
Ancient History, Roman
• Cartography and Worldview

516 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.3942 │ talbert@email.unc.edu

Tasar PhotoEren Tasar

Assistant Professor
Central Asia
• Religion and Politics

464 Hamilton Hall │ etasar@email.unc.edu


Michael Tsin

Associate Professor
Modern China
• Colonialism and Post-colonialism
• Cultural Studies

460 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.5554 │ tsin@email.unc.edu

Turk photoKatherine Turk

Assistant Professor
Women, Gender, and Sexuality
• United States Legal and Political History
• Social Movements

500 Hamilton Hall │ kturk@email.unc.edu

Zaragosa Vargas

Kenan Eminent Professor
• Latino History
• American Labor History
• Twentieth-century American History

454 Hamilton Hall │ zvargas@email.unc.edu

Benjamin C. Waterhouse

Assistant Professor
Twentieth-century American History
• Political Economy and Capitalism

422 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.2373 │ waterhou@email.unc.edu

Watson photo smallHarry L. Watson

Atlanta Alumni Distinguished Professor of Southern Culture
• United States, 1789–1865
• North Carolina and the Antebellum South

568 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.0977 │ hwatson@email.unc.edu

Brett E. Whalen

Associate Professor
Medieval Christian Religious Culture
• The Papacy in the Middle Ages
• Apocalyptic Thought and Theology of History

457 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.2383 │ bwhalen@email.unc.edu

MWheadshot8Molly Worthen

Assistant Professor
North American Culture and Politics
• World Christianity 

506 Hamilton Hall │ mworthen@unc.edu



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